/ Promotions

  • Lunch Hours in PizzaToria

6 pizza lunch-COLLAGE

ATTENTION Pizza Lovers! Choose your favourite pizza and get a FREE drink with it, and pay NO service fee. Our pizzas are all 30cm in diamet and cut into 6 pieces. You might as well share it with a friend or colligue. All of this for 2000 AMD. 

ATTENTION Ultimate Gourmans! Enjoy a FULL MEAL including an appetizer, salad, soup and a main course, along with a drink for only 2500 AMD. And this is not just it - we change the menu for you EVERY DAY, so you get to enjoy new menu every time.  

  • Romantic Evening for Two

dinner and a movie

"Toria Karta" family of restaurants gives you an excellent opportunity to combine nice dinner with a visit to cinema. You buy a coupon for 12,000 AMD in any of the "Toria Karta" restaurants and get 2 tickets to "Moscow" cinema and a dinner for two in "Sushi Toria", "Pizza Toria" or "Kyoto Lounge". 

  • Each and every PREGNANT guest gets a FREE dessert


The moments of waiting for the most important event in every woman's life are made even more perfect and sweeter by the chain of Toria Karta restaurants. Our team treats each and every pregnant visitor with a dessert for absolutely free…or maybe just for a signle beautiful smile of a future mother.

  • SAVE 10% on GIFT CARD purchases!


Get 10% discount when purchasing a gift card for holidays (i.e. you pay 18,000 for a gift card worth of 20,000). Our gift cards can be used in all our restauratns, unlimited times, and in combination with other promotions. The discount promotion sale begins 10 days prior to a calander holiday (i.e. for the Internation Women's Day of March 8, the promotion will begin on February 26).


  • COMPLEMENTARY 20% on gift card purchases!

2764_9508_small english

Please enjoy this complementary 20% gift card in appreciation of your 50,000 and up gift card purchase(s). Isn't it just great to get a surprise gift when you are about to purchase a gift for your close one? We want you to feel appreciated, and thus say "THANK YOU" for being a great friend and chosing us. Go ahead, buy a gift card(s) worth of minimum 50,000 and get a 10,000 bonus gift for yourself.