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Japanese cuisine is one of the most original and unique in the world. It is diverse and at the same time simple in its genius and brilliance. Not long ago, sushi where not available and too exotic for us, but the globalization fixed it. Japanese cuisine has already become an integral part of life in all the world's big cities and lifestyle of the modern western man.


Japanese cuisine is one of the most healthy – in Japan lives the considerable quantity of long-livers. Many people enjoy sushi diet for health and beauty of body and soul.

In Japanese restaurant "Sushi Toria" We have compiled a menu of the most popular dishes. Whether you will enjoy them at our restaurant or we will deliver your order to you, we hope that you will like our style of presentation and taste, reached in many years of experience and cultural studies.



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1 Sayat Nova ave.

Phone: +374 60 48 00 48

E-mail: info@sushitoria.am